• Asia

    Bangkok Past & Present

    I first came to Bangkok, Thailand in 1982, and I’m back here now in 2020. Although a lot has changed in my life over the intervening years my love for Thailand and its wonderful people has remained constant. Writing this post has been a real “walk down memory lane” for me and I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did writing it. I also truly hope this post inspires you to visit Bangkok soon. Bangkok the capital of Thailand (the ‘Land of Smiles) is known as the “City of Angels”. As a city, Bangkok, which sits astride the Chaophrya River, is a town planners’ nightmare with privately…

  • UK & Ireland

    Isle of Skye

    Skye Walks Welcome to my walking, rambling and hiking travel blog. My passion for walking started many years ago when I took a holiday in Scotland and discovered Skye, a walker’s paradise. Since then I’ve revisited Skye many times and now travel all over the world taking walking holidays whenever I can. In between overseas walking holidays I walk somewhere in the UK most weekends and I do my best to document them, hence the reason for starting this travel website. I hope you enjoy reading about my travels and if you would like to know more please sign up to my newsletter for updates and the occasional giveaway when…


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